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Corporative rest. business meeting.


Корпоративный отдых на яхте

What could be better than wonderful vacation on comfortable catamaran when sails rustle over your head and the open sea splashes outboard?

You could go to a wonderful sea travel not only with your family and friends but also with business partners and colleagues. Corporative rest on catamaran is practiced in many prosperous companies. Businessmen and chiefs of different companies choose catamarans for corporative parties and business meetings, as they know that on the catamaran you could digress of routine, relax and spent time carelessly.

Having rest in such informal atmosphere, you could find out many interesting things about colleagues, open their new talents and true capabilities. On board you will understand that together you could both work and travel. Such corporative rest will unite your team, strengthen your relationships and bring them to a new level.

On the board of "Еlеnа" you could rest and discuss business issues.

Spacious rooms and large comfortable deck, quiet operation and lack of pitching are wonderful atmosphere for successful negotiations. Such placatory environment created by stunning views, plashing waves and shouting gulls, is ideal for a positive solution of even the most complex issues.

Believe, any friendly team will work even better after corporative rest “on the water”. All issues resolve fast and successful when serenity, beauty and silence surround you.

Another advantage of meetings on the catamaran is that the interior of the ship is not inferior to the most luxurious hotels. Hostess and careful crew will make your rest the most comfortable and pleasant.

Corporative rest of catamaran makes you feel light and free.

Your business partners, colleagues and you will feel yourself ready to reach new goals. After such rest every problem will seem resolvable as all team will be full of enthusiasm and positive feelings.  

Conduct business negotiations, important meetings and corporative parties on our modern cozy catamaran. We guarantee a storm of positive emotions, wonderful rest and unforgettable adventure.

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