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Яхтинг на Средиземном мореMany think that cruise yacht and a catamaran is the same thing, but actually it is a big difference between them, approximately same, as between an off-road car and a motorcycle.

The catamaran is a comfortable, fast and safe two-case yacht, for fans of the first class rest. If you choose a catamaran, the big guest cabins with convenient modern furniture, a galley with an oven, a gas cooker, a microwave and the fridge, spacious shower cabins and a bathroom will wait for you.

Through the panoramic window of a wardroom the tremendous view of the sea opens. You can admire beautiful views on the open nasal or on the closed fodder cockpit. You will visit amazing places to sunbath and the best places for fishing.

Our comfortable catamaran is a true house under a sail.

The length of the yacht and catamaran is identical, but the area of premises of the last is bigger in two times. Usually yachts associate with romantic sailing, smooth movements under a sail, and catamarans is not just very steady and safe, but it is also improbably fast.

Even at a strong wind and waves you will not feel any discomfort and can continue to enjoy your vacation.

Yachting on a catamaran opens boundless opportunities. Unlike the ordinary yacht for a catamaran there are no inaccessible places, to which yachts cannot get because of shoal.

Thanks to a small vessel draft, while travelling you can stop on a rest without problems at deserted island and a beach with snow-white sand. The catamaran hardware allows to sail on considerable distances and to be far from a civilization long enough.

If you wish you could take over control the snow-white liner. Become real old salt and receive unforgettable emotions and a mad drive from management of a huge sailing boat.

The maximum extreme and positive will be received by beginners of yachting. You easily become a helmsman or a sailor. It is absolutely safe, as you will be insured by our qualified crew. We suggest you to go to fascinating travel on near and far distances. Tell us what places you want to visit and we will make an interesting route.

If you like sailing, it means that on board of catamaran "Elena" a command of adherents will wait for you. We will consider, with pleasure, all your inquiries and wishes. Go ahead to conquer gulfs and bays, enjoy fresh air and unique landscapes.

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