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Sail catamaran Sanya 57

Катамаран парусный Sanya 57

Sail catamaran Sanya 57 has presentable appearance due to elegant and prompt contours of the hull. Cabin ideally combines with the hull.

It is small that provides the minimum drift and fine propulsive performance at a cross wind.

It is very convenient to work with a grotto, the boom is at normal altitude over cabin. On the rudder post and flybridge is a lot of space.

It is safe and convenient to move, as quantities of steps are minimum. All sections of the deck are perfectly equal. Fodder platforms are comfortable.

The big advantage of catamaran Sanya 57 is the functional and spacious cockpit. There are wide dining table and big fodder sundeck under which is the niche where the motor boat with the rigid bottom and inflatable boards is stored.

Расположение кат в катаране

The boat goes down and rises less than for a minute.

On the right board of the cockpit there is the mini galley-bar, and on left there is a convenient sofa. It is possible to place a gas grill.

In alternative version a deck in the cockpit could be made of teak, in standard version it is made of fiberglass. Teak deck looks more solidly.

If all space covers with tents, it will be a cozy and big veranda.

It has very convenient operational desk: all in one place. One person can carry out all operations on management of a catamaran.

One meter is a distance from a board to control desk what is extremely comfortable at mooring by small crew. It has a remarkable vision of the deck and sails. There is a good arrangement of file-oriented and sheet winch. All difficult processes have electric power. There is a tent over operational desk.


Design of cabins has a top-level. Quality of furnish is excellent, everything is functional. Usually in catamarans there are small cabins, but size of master's cabin of Sanya 57 is very impressive.

All cabins have a big altitude of ceiling.

Вид на интерьер катамарана Что внутри катамарана


Galley size is harmonious. It is equipped with modern domestic appliances: a refrigerator, a dishwasher and a gas heater. There are convenient work table and shelves. Due to professional designing the galley is harmoniously inscribed in the saloon.


Shower cabins are separated from the basic premise. A toilet is functional and spacious. The catamaran is equipped with expensive bathroom fixtures of lux-class and electric WC. It is ergonomic and it has original design

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