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The 2Play catamaran with high waves cruise

Recently the 8-meter prototype of catamaran has been built. It has hydraulic suspension that dampens vibrations through floats and does not allow them to reach the deck. This type of suspension is used in Nissan Patrol and Toyota Landcruiser Prado cars as well as in McLaren MP4 12C and P1.


The 2Play catamaran build by Nauti-Craft has also received the unique Deck Attitude Control feature, which lets the onboard computer to set up the suspension automatically. This suspension will keep the position of the deck stable and prevent seasickness, so all passengers could feel absolutely comfortable and enjoy their vacation. Besides this feature makes the boarding and landing much easier. The hydraulic suspension in 2Play catamaran lets it reach high speed. The fuel-consumption rate is low so it saves your money as well.

01 July 2014

The 2Play catamaran with high waves cruise

Floats of the catamaran move up and down towards deck it helps to compensate sea waving and turn the ship effectively.

08 February 2014

The exclusive AIR 77 motor catamaran

Young but promising Oxygène Yachts  ship building company from Canada specializing in design and construction of exclusive catamarans

08 January 2014

The luxurious 45-foot Mares Power 45 catamaran

The Mares International Company, specialized in the construction of catamarans for more than 25 years, started the update of their product line.

18 December 2013

New models of the Leopard catamaran

In the mid-February the large North American boat show called Miami International 2014 is held.

01 November 2013

Four new types of Sunreef Yachts catamaran layout

Designers of the famous Sunreef Yachts shipyard work on new projects without stop, they implement the latest trends.