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Quality control

Логотип компании FountainePajo

FountainePajot is the first shipbuilder company in France which has quality certificate ISO9002 for all production cycle . This certificate is issued by DETNORSKAVERITAS and justifies high quality of FountainePajot catamaran.

According to norms of a quality control manufacture of catamarans passes 8 stages of control. Each stage of stratification is carefully controlled, quality of fiber glass fabric is checked separately. Pressure is measured by a special manometre during vacuum moulding.

After the hull is pulled out of matrix, all its parts are checked on durability to an osmosis and rigidity. Durability of glued parts to affecting of bad weather conditions and deterioration is tested. Finished catamaran is placed in basin for tests, then quality of its work and water resistance of the hull is checked.

The technical service has a record on every new catamaran. Drawings of details, data of the installed equipment and a list of materials which were used during construction are stored in the record. To deliver vessels to their owner, they are launched and then they cross the oceans easily.