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Technology of production catamaran

The hull of catamarans FountainePajot are produced by unique method of vacuum moulding, and a core is made of PVC foam. This technology is used by the company more than twenty five years. External layers are made of glass fiber mat and fiber glass fabrics, they are stack manually and are impregnated with isovtalic polyester resin. The core of sandwich board is fastened to external layers with special ligaments.

To prevent osmosis a deck and a hull are covered with a special decorative surface – isovlatic gelcoat.

As well as other phases of the manufacture, this phase is controlled carefully. To support quality of catamarans at the maximum high level during materials producing the company uses a special method of injection. Thanks to this technology fumes of harmful substances and material consumption are reduced.<.p>

Technology of production catamaran Technology of production catamaran

Velocity indexes of catamaran

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